How to Write a Personal Statement that Stands Out

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Personal statements are like short essays that people write to explain why they make better candidates compared to others who have applied for the same business course opportunity.

Personal statements form a vital part of a job application apart from the achieved university grades, and the admissions board of a university you have applied to evaluates them. Their job is to decide if they should give you a place in their business course.

Remember that only one personal statement is needed, and all the institution will read your submitted copy. Also, note that the personal statement you would submit to business course job opportunity is not the same as the one you would send out to an admissions board.

How long should your statement be?

When writing your statement, you are allowed up to 4000 characters. While that may seem like a limiting number of characters, as you start writing, you might have more thoughts you would like to include in your statement.

So, start with a draft copy and write it in a word, then copy it over to the recipient's system when you are ready to submit, instead of writing a hard copy that will not allow you to make changes in future.

Most admission boards or employers in the business industry prefer that you create between the paragraphs because indentations tend to be stripped off once your statement to a submission system. Writing a personal statement requires a lot ofskill and patience, so, if you feel overwhelmed, get academic help and let it be written by someone who can put your thoughts into a document that says everything about you.

How should you structure a personal statement?

A personal statement is the best way to show your potential employer the steps you have taken to engage your subject of interest, the things you have learned and how your experiences will relate to the business course you want to pursue.

Consider this as you create your statement, whether for employment or course application, then draft or redraft the statement and ensure that you give important thoughts first priority.

So, the structure of your personal statement should include the academics section, your interest in the chosen subject and different ways you have engaged in previously, your hobbies and interests and then, lastly, the conclusion.

Why is your personal statement important?

Although most people who apply to a given business course tend to have almost the same grade, in terms of personality, skills, thoughts,and experiences, everyone is unique. Therefore, you should be able to stand out as an individual and show the admission board or your potential employer why you are different from all the other applicants.

You can distinguish yourself through your statement. It offers you the opportunity to create a picture of yourself so that the person reading it will be able to form a picture of you in his or her mind.

Be creative enough so that this person will want to meet you. If you are not feeling inspired enough, you can always turn to professionals who can help you paint a picture of who you are to the people reading your statement.

How do recipients use your statement?

Even if you will write an impressive personal statement, you still need to meet other criteria, like the entry grades if you are applying for a place in a university business course.

However, if the admission board has to choose between you and someone else because both of you have the same grade, your personal statement will be the tool that helps you land the opportunity.

If you are called in for an interview, your personal statement will give you the chance to shape the questions that your interviewer will ask. If you do not meet the entry grades, there is always a chance that your statement will be the tool that helps you emerge the winner.

Most institutions of higher learning would not mind giving you the position if they feel that your statement demonstrates the enthusiasm and commitment they want to see in their students.

How do you write a personal statement?

No single method works in all cases when constructing a personal statement. However, there are things you can do to make yours stand out. Write as many drafts as you can, as long as it helps you get to that final version that mirrors all your thoughts.

You shouldn’t expect to have it done in one weekend. Begin with your subject of choices, if it is a college application, and then write a statement that addresses the needs of your preferred course. In addition, the emphasis is on the world personal, but that does not mean you go all out and emotionally blackmail the recipient of your statement.

Just explain your interest in the business course you chose, say why you think you make a perfect fit and then go ahead to explain the things you have done in the past. Say how the course will be relevant to your future career and possibly demonstrate that you have transferable skills.